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Our story

The concept of Acro Gravity first started in Puerto Rico with Veronica Tirado, where Acro Gravity’s base was an Acrobatic Gymnastics training center. Acro Gravity Academy was founded by Veronica Tirado and Youri Klepatsky. Having both national and international experience, Founder Veronica and Co-Founder Youri joined forces in 2020 to share their combined professional knowledge, expertise and passion with local, aspiring acrobats. The goal is to look forward in continuing her vision of having a studio that will fill the gaps left behind by others in the area. Youri and Veronica have found that there are some missing pieces in what customers/acrobats desire, and they wish to implement them under Acro Gravity Academy. Both Youri and Veronica have always been determined in working for what they want, and their entire journey has been focused on one destination. Now they are ready to share their knowledge and passion to all of their students and they are ready to finally live their DREAM through Acro Gravity Academy!


The key objective is to be a universal gym for acrobats of all kinds who want to develop under one roof. While other area facilities lack diversity in acrobatic offerings, Acro Gravity Academy will proudly boast their large facility and vast offerings. In addition, they will have quality teachers for each specialty practice area.


Acro Gravity Academy is the reliable alternative for parents of young children looking to make an investment in their child’s health and skill development. In a positive and encouraging atmosphere, acrobats can learn and grow their unique skills.


Acro Gravity Academy has a mission to be the go-to facility in the Miami area for aerial arts and acrobatics with experienced and motivating coaches. Our goal is to instill healthy lifestyle habits and socialization skills in a positive and supportive atmosphere
that will lead to elevated self-esteem, strength, flexibility, and the confidence to do things your kids never thought possible!


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