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We have all dreamt of running away with the circus, of discovering the mysteries beneath the big top and flying through the air above a hushed audience, looks of wonder on their faces far below. Now is your opportunity to do just that. Now is your chance to live the dream… Welcome to Acro Gravity Academy. 

At Acro Gravity, new opportunities await you with fun and challenging adventures in store! If you’ve ever wanted to be part of the greatest show, now is your chance! Now is your chance to try something new, hone your skills, get a workout, or just have some incredibly unique fun! We invite you to begin a journey with us – your journey to the big top! We can guide you from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels and provide you with the skills and confidence that will change your world!

Why Acro Gravity

Our Programs

Acro Gravity Academy wants to partner with your family in giving you and your kids a gift that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

With state of the art facilities, world renowned coaches, and a network of circus professionals, Acro Gravity makes it possible for all ages and experience levels. Whether you want to stay in shape or you have big plans of being in the spotlight, Acro Gravity is a place for everyone.













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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different?

Our philosophy is learn, train, practice, and perform. We believe that each student should always have a goal to look up to. We are invested in helping each of our students to reach their full potential by building a curriculum for each of our programs with short term goals and giving them an opportunity to perform. With us they will be shinning with confidence and learn what it takes to reach their dreams!

Acro Gravity Academy is more than a circus school. It’s where we come together as a family. Where we meet our life-long mentors, our friends. It’s where we grow, where we can be ourselves for all to see! Acro Gravity is our home.

What should I wear to class?

We encourage students to wear clothing that covers the back of their knees and torso to avoid friction burns and provide extra padding. Fitted clothing, such as yoga or pilates attire, is great for aerial classes. Student’s hair should be neatly pulled back in a bun or a ponytail.

Is there a weight limit?

Safety is a top priority. Our equipment was set up by a professional circus rigger and is rated to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. While we have many students who train in the aerial arts as a means to getting into shape, you may want to consult with your physician prior to taking class if you are severely overweight and concerned about your safety or ability to perform circus techniques, which can be very physically demanding.

Should I bring anything to class?

A water bottle, proper attire, Face Mask (Optional) and a positive attitude.

When should you stay home?

> If your child or anyone in the family has been exposted to Covid-19 or if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, or have fever, cough, or shortness of breath please send an email to [email protected] informing us and we ask you to please stay home.

What is our Safety Guidelines and Sanitation Protocol?

> Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is placed at front door and additional sanitizing stations are located throughout our facility for repeated use during classes.

> Everyone entering the facility will be required to have their temperature taken. Any individual with a fever (100.4 or above) will be asked to leave the facility. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will be warned and documented.

> FACE MASKS ARE WELCOME, BUT NOT REQUIRED. Masks are only required when entering/exiting the building and in non-training areas such as the bathroom, lobby, etc. 

> All Front Desk staff & instructors will wear mask when within 6ft of others. Students may wear masks as often as they choose, including during class if they feel safe & comfortable. 

> We will not be held responsible for the risk related to impaired activities while wearing a face covering.

> Mats and equipment are sanitized after each use. 

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